Of course they did, YOU!!

And Cheese Photobooths - Geelong BIGGEST photo booth rental company can help you entertain your guests without lifting a finger at your event, except of course, to eat more scrumptious food, sip your favourite beverage and put on a silly prop & fabulous smile in the photobooth! Don't forget to say CHEESE! Once that curtain is drawn, even the most reserved camera shy person can’t resist getting a little creative saying CHEESE! and having a great time at your event.  All you did was call us!

CANDY BUFFETS now available

Gorgeous lidded apothercary jars filled to the brim with your choice of delicious candy & chocolates! A fabulous keepsake & thank you for every occasion - who needs dessert?

Ask for more info via our contact page, more images & new page to be uploaded very very soon!


It's 'THE' thing to have at your wedding! Hire Geelong's best photobooth business and consider your bonbonniere and entertainment sorted.  Our photobooths will keep your guests entertained all whilst providing them with 'THE' best wedding keepsake! Not only will your wedding get remembered, we can provide you with a guestbook full of photo-strips taken throughout the evening for you to enjoy immediately, no waiting for your professional shots to arrive & you can enjoy the candid CHEESY poses of your friends and family.  We'll even send out a disc of every photo taken on the night.  There might be some cheesy ones that didn't quite make it to the guestbook but we won't let your guests get away with it that easily.


Get everyone talking about your event around the watercooler for months to come ... Book a photobooth and watch your guests / clients / staff or customers get CHEESY!  We can customise the photo strip with your logo and instantly, your brand will be everywhere.  Who wants another promotional pen or stress ball, when you can capture the moment with a CHEESY photo strip.

Formals / Debutantes / Graduations / Reunions

So how many BFFs can you have? The whole class really (or all of Geelong?) and we can capture it all! Hire a photobooth, get behind the curtain and don't forget to say CHEESE! We can even include your school's crest or class motto on the photo strip and how about 'hamming' it up with our prop box!

The possibilities are endless - if you can create the event, we can capture the memories for everyone to keep - don't forget to say CHEESE!