What do the booths look like?

Our photobooths are sleek little European machines with a footprint of only 1m x 1m.  They weigh in at 186kg and are manoeuvred around by trolley.  They can fit through a normal doorway and anywhere there’s lift access and/or ramps.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Take a seat in the booth.  Step 2 – Press the button.  Step 3 – say CHEESE!!  Simple.

How many photographs are taken per hour?

There's 4 photos to each photo-strip session and the booth can pump out between 30 & 40 sessions per hour.

When can I see my CHEESY grin?

2 copies of every session are printed onto identical photo-strips in 16 seconds. The host will also receive a DVD of every session taken post event, so keep it CHEESY!

How long should I rent the photobooth for?

Since when has one CHEESY grin been enough?  There’s always more poses, more people and of course, more fun to be had!

Where should we put the booth?

We suggest somewhere prominent, but we can talk about this with you and your venue. We've probably already got CHEESY in your venue within the Geelong region...

When do you set up?

Generally a few hours before your event is due to start so we can set up and test everything is working properly.

Are you insured?


What happens if there is a mechanical problem with the booth?

Our booths are the latest in digital technology and breakdowns are very unlikely.

Do I have to choose between colour or black and white?

Our booths are able to print either, just make your selection at the start of each session. Alternatively, we can program to have either Black and White or Colour only depending on your style.

Can we have a personal message / company logo on the photos?

For Sure! What a great way to brand your event / wedding / function on the 4th frame of the photo-strip. Provide your image file and we’ll even do it for free!

Do we need a photobooth attendant?

Whilst attendants aren’t necessary, they can really help people get into a CHEESY mood.  Our attendants are only too happy to help out where they can with guestbook's, props etc.

Can we brand the booth?

Sure can!  Email us or give us a call and we’ll discuss options.

Anything we've missed?

Email us and we’ll send you our booking form to get the CHEESE rolling.

Geelong's BIGGEST photo booth rental company looks forward to your next event.